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At JDZ Solar we are committed to providing outstanding service and equipment.

Our commercial and industrial solar service includes a thorough analysis of your daily load usage followed by recommendations on how to maximize available space and aspect.

We then provide a detailed assessment of the proposed system design and how it will function over time.

Our highly experienced team of electrical engineers and installers get to work and with the support of management, ensure timely completion with minimal interruption to your daily activities.

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Proudly Serving, Lismore, Casino, Ballina, Byron and Tweed Heads.

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One of our strongest points of distinction is our ability to coordinate and plan holistically; a skill-set we've gained from many years of experience managing large scale projects in Australia and abroad.

Effective planning and design involves considering all aspects of a system and how they interact with the environment and the end user over time.

When we design a solar energy solution we take into consideration all aspects of the system including but not limited to:

  • Budget / Cost / Savings analysis
  • Usage requirements
  • Component quality
  • Physical aspect
  • Solar energy storage
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Continuity of service



We regard the supply and installation of well designed, perfectly tailored solar systems as an end-point. From the beginning our focus is to maximise cost benefits for our customers and to achieve this our experts take into account the "culture" of energy consumption on site.

Often we can identify affordable and accessible opportunities to improve the efficiency of energy usage which in turn effects the "end-point" design of the systems we supply.

The result is that they are appropriately scaled to comfortably meet the usage demands of an efficient system, rather than oversized to cope with an inefficient one. The net result to our customers is cost savings over the life of the system.

Here you can learn more about our Energy Efficiency programs and partnerships.



JDZ Solar is the "sister" company of JDZ Electrical a highly innovative and well established domestic, commercial and industrial electrical contractor based in Lismore on the North Coast of New South Wales.

Our close working relationship with JDZ Electrical allows us immediate access to the best electrical engineers and electrical suppliers as well as a highly motivated and skilled team of electricians.

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