Residential Solar Systems

With power prices predicted to rise even further, investing in solar is a great way to reduce your ongoing energy costs.

Extending your solar system, leveraging new power storage options and improving efficiency,  can amount to significant savings over the life of your system.

Our team of experts are highly experienced commercial solar installers employing industry “best practice” and quality control standards for both commercial and residential solar installations.

How we work

Achieving the perfect home solar system starts with a friendly, no obligation consultation.

At our first visit to your home we evaluate your current situation. This involves asking you some questions aimed at understanding your power use and how you'd like your solar installation incorporated. We also determine your budget and the potential that your site has for harvesting solar energy.

We then examine and accurately record details like, aspect, shade, existing circuitry, available, power points, home design and accessibility.

Armed with this information, our team of solar experts will design your new solar system and include the design along with cost estimates in a proposal tailored to suite your solar power needs.

Once you have reviewed the proposal and given the go-ahead, we'll set a date for the installation to begin.

Installation times vary depending on the size of your system however usually we like to allow two to three working days for completion.

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